Albina Shaymuratova

Photography, embroidery

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“It was time, when one after another troubles came into our family: my son died, I got sick and ended up in a hospital, and my brother’s house burned down. At some point during that month, I found a tail end of a candlestick in my house. I never had candles at home, so this little chunk of a candle wasn’t mine for sure. So, I threw it into the oven. A few weeks later, I told my friend about it. She became agitated and almost screamed at me: “What have you done? Somebody put the candle-end to lure the evil spirit into your house, and you made it worse - you threw it into the oven. Now you must take the ashes from the oven, put it into a jar and bury it in the forest.” I took the ashes and put it into a jar, but forgot to bury it. I left the jar in the kitchen cabinet. Next week, my friend asked me, - “Did you do what I said?” I answered that I forgot. Again, she exclaimed worryingly, - “What did you do?! Now you must take that jar, go to the intersection, when the new moon appears, throw the ashes on the four sides of the intersection, and run back home. You will hear somebody stomping and breathing behind you - don’t look back. When you get home, lock the doors and windows, and go to sleep. You might hear someone knocking on your window, but don’t  try to look out.”
This time, I did everything she said. Threw the ashes at the intersection and rushed home. And, really, I heard some heavy wheezing behind me. It was scary, but I didn’t look back. I reached the house, locked myself in, and then there was that knocking on the window… After that, gradually, everything got better for us.”


Tatiana M., the village of Zelenogorsk, 2015

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